The other obvious reason why it took us so long to drive down PCH

State Route 1, known more for its famous moniker, Pacific Coast Highway or PCH for short, is one of the must-see places in California and one that I have taken for granted. I’ve lived in California for God knows how long and have never driven through it. Probably because it’s about 500 miles long from San Francisco to Orange County. That’s approximately 11 hours of driving.

But I’ve made time. Just a shame it wasn’t enough. We left the hotel in Marina around 8 AM, but didn’t actually started driving down PCH until 10 AM, thanks to that abandoned military facility. We stopped at every single viewpoint that I deemed photo-worthy enough (which was practically every single stop). Granted, we started driving at 10 AM, we had about 8-9 hours of non-stop driving left before home, but as it was, we were again, stopping at practically every single stop, so you can imagine what time we got home.

Yeah, very late.

Gotta plan this trip again, this time with more days off.



Bits and pieces of Zion

Zion is weird. But in a good way. Kinda like how I prefer my boyfriends. It’s strange in a fascinating way and you can’t help but continuously stare at it in awe. Sure, there are those big, giant rock formations and such, but like every person I meet, I prefer to scrutinize it in a very detailed fashion. You know, look at the bits and pieces, the finer qualities that people seem to ignore or take for granted. Only then can I appreciate it more.

Anyway, enough about that. Look at these pictures. Look at it!!!