Big Sur

We stopped so many times, I lost track. We see a pretty house, we stopped. We see a pretty bridge, we stopped. We see a pretty forest, we stopped. You get the the picture.

Anyway, I don’t recall which of these pictures were actually part of Big Sur and which were not. It may just be the one with the trees, but at this point, who cares. Anywhere in NorCal next to the ocean is Big Sur to me.




That pretty spot in Crescent City

First stop after a long drive from Oregon was Crescent City. Not gonna lie, but the place where we stayed was pretty ghetto. Not that I mind. I’m fine with ghetto as long as my life isn’t endangered (a rarity). Anyway, the place was right next to the sea, so that made up for it.

We skipped the caverns in Oregon since a fellow photographer didn’t wanna miss sunset here, and that’s alright. Apparently we needed advanced notice to see the caverns anyway. Plus the sunset was pretty awesome. Windy and cold as eff, but awesome nonetheless. It was almost like being back at Big Sur. Pretty, pretty.