Monterey Bay Aquarium; not a fish market

On a short weekend trip to San Francisco, I decided to go down memory lane back to the days when I was a fresh out of school grad and still couldn’t afford a short flight to NorCal. And thus I had to travel by car, aka road trip.

One of the places my friends and I used to drop by was the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a nice, little spot from which the setting of Finding Dory was based from.

I remember back then, there was this gigantic aquarium where they had tons of humongous tunas, the size of a small Asian girl (me) swimming around in circles in a huge tank, along with a variety of sharks (hammerheads, tigers and an occasional baby great white), giant rays, a sea turtle and a single, happy-looking sunfish. It was like looking through a glorious fish tank in a seafood restaurant. I always left the place hungry.

Along with that delicious-looking Open Sea exhibit, they also have a lovely Kelp Forest (mmmm… nori), sea otters, cuttlefish (mmmm… cuttlefish) jellyfishes, penguins, etc.

Nowadays however, due to the declining population of tunas worldwide (thanks to over-fishing because of its deliciousness), the Open Sea exhibit wasn’t as full as it used to be.  Everything else was the same, but sadly Open Sea was lacking. Le sigh.

I should mention, it was so difficult to get these shots. These suckers move around too fast in such a dark environment. So pardon the occasional blur.


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