Some things are bigger and much greater

The last stop in our trip was the Redwood Nation and State Parks, specifically the Avenue of the Giants. The last time I set foot in these parts, I was just a ten-year old immigrant girl, fresh from the city of a less developed country. After a long road trip of nothing but forests and more forests, I thought nothing could surprise me anymore. What’s another forest, right?

Daaaayum, was I surprised. I fell asleep along the way and woke up, delirious as if I was still in a dream. It was beautiful and dark.

Years and years later, I returned and it was just as beautiful, dark and dreamlike as I remembered.


These are ancient giants, centuries old, some even thousands of years old. And while the world around them changed, people came and gone, they continued to grow and stood tall. I recalled standing by the petrified forest, wondering how this desert was once was a magnificent forest, now a rocky, dry land. And yet the Redwood Forest remained steadfast. While I know nothing lasts forever, I do hope it stays this way for a long time.


In troubled times, in those moments when I wonder if I’ll be next, I remember this forest of giants, I look at the stars and always think that there are bigger and much greater things than the world before me, things that withstands the test of time, lasting longer than wars, than the human life and the consequences of a bad decision. And while everything about me is in turmoil, as Carl Sagan once said, we are nothing but a pale blue dot in the universe and I know this too shall pass, whether or not I will be there in the end. It’s just a phase.

This old world will still be spinning ’round. James Taylor said that.




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