Crater Lake

This was the final destination for our trip before heading back down to Cali. We would’ve gone further up and I would’ve loved to stop by Portland just to see my buddy, Pedro and his lovely fiance, Miss Ash,  but alas, a three day weekend wasn’t long enough for us. So we had to settle for Crater Lake.

We crashed at a nearby motel an hour away, the only one left in the area that still had a room available (luckily, a firefighter conference was cancelled). The drive up was gorgeous and I do love the forests and mountains of Oregon. Crater Lake was breathtaking. The air was so clear and free of haze, the water so blue, it was every bit of the cliche about not knowing where the sky and the water meets, except, of course, for those pesky crater mountains separating the two.

Unfortunately, it was the only thing to see around the area. We could’ve gone hiking, but that was more for a long term stay.

So here it is… Crater Lake, everyone.




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