Labor Day Weekend

One strange morning, my boss and a couple of co-workers of mine came up with a wild idea that did not quite make any sense, but hey, we’re all for it anyway.

So on a warm Friday afternoon, Labor Day weekend, we took a half a day off, rented a minivan, packed up and took a road trip to Oregon. We didn’t quite know where to spend the first night after a 9 hour drive to Shasta Lake. Motels were too far from the lake and we didn’t want to spend the next morning driving some more just to get to the lake, especially when we still had long ways to go to get to Oregon. The campgrounds were too expensive just to spend a few hours in, so we made the decision to just rough it up and sleep in the minivan. But did we actually sleep in the minivan? No, not really. Instead, we stayed up all night taking pictures of the Milky Way Galaxy. Of course, we did. Pictures now, regret later.

We found a nice, extremely dark parking lot to take these shots.

Two hours of uncomfortable sleep later, I drove the group not too far next to the lake. From there, we watched the sun rise up against Mt. Shasta and with my  bleary, dead eyes and half-asleep brain, I took more pictures… somehow.

So here they are. Yay.



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