Giant rocks of Zion

Soooo… I forgot the names of most these rocks and I don’t think anyone online knows them either. I tried looking, but no luck. I can only recognize the Three Patriarchs.

Zion is a very colorful place, especially in winter, when the sun’s not out to wash everything in too much yellows and oranges. The only downside to traveling there in winter is that they closed down a lot of trails due to slippery slopes, Angels Landing being one of them. I recall there was a section in one of the trails that was just covered in sleet. One clumsy move and you’ll be sliding down and falling off on the steep sides. Some areas were completely closed off because of giant, falling icicles. But see, icicles make the best shots, so that didn’t really stop me from venturing a little too far out. I wouldn’t recommend it, but hey, gotta get those shots.



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