Bryce in Winter (pt. 2)

Yay! More Bryce pictures!

I know it doesn’t look that bad with the sun out and not too much snow, but seriously, for a girl born and raised in a tropical island and then growing up in sunny SoCal, this place is Antarctica. Not that I don’t love the cold. I LOVE the cold. However, it probably would’ve been better had I packed a little more, shall we say, properly. You see, running around in this snowy area in snowboarding boots, snowboarding gloves and snowboarding pants with a snowboarding jacket while carrying my usual freakin’ 50 lbs. (ok, maybe more like 20 lbs. But it felt like 50!) camera equipment wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. But hey, at least I kept warm. I don’t usually go to snowy areas, so yeah, snowboarding gear was my only option.

Temperature in this area, I’d say, was around average –10°F. Plus it was windy as eff. My entire body including my face was covered like ninja.

I lived, though. Yay.



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