Back to Venice Beach

There has been so many bad news lately that I figured, why not distract yourself with something completely unrelated. Unrelated, but, unfortunately, just as disturbing. Sure, why not…

If you have ever wandered around the boardwalk of Venice Beach, you may have come across this one little, wholesome venue called the Venice Beach Freakshow. It’s a lovely show about regular people who just happen to have some very unusual conditions or skills which they love to talk about and show to curious gawkers like me. Like TED talks (sorta, kinda, but not really).

A bit derogatory? Sure, but hey, that’s what they do and that’s what they call the show.

First, meet Bob Heslip. He has Neurofibromatosis type 1, a condition that causes noncancerous lumps to appear all over his body. Nice man. Very informative. I had to exercise restraint from reaching out and trying to pop one those suckers because, after all, they are not pimples. I did get to touch one and yes, they are definitely not pimples. Darn.


After that was the lovely Miss Sunshine English, 100,000 volts of electricity-immune, fire-eating extraordinaire. Charming girl.

The main attraction was of course, Morgue. And yeah… he’s got quite some skills… Skills that I prefer not to look at, but took pictures of anyway.

He even posed for me. How very accommodating of him.


After the 5-10 minute show, you can wander off to the side to this little museum where you get to see the skeleton of a two-headed baby, two headed cow, live two-headed turtles, two-headed everything. Fun stuff, fun stuff.


And that was it. All that for a $5 fee.

Pay at the door.


(Oh and if you’re curious, the venue did have a TV show called “Freakshow” on AMC. I don’t think it’s on anymore, but you can still check it out on Netflix)


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