It has been kinda busy, lately…

But yay for updates!

It’s not I haven’t been taking any pictures (I do have a nice backlog going on here). It’s just that I haven’t got the time to pretty them up to post here and plus I’ve been looking through other avenues to display them at. Oh and then life happened and the next thing you know, all those times I could have used for editing were not exactly wasted, but instead were used for other pressing matters or other hobbies…Oh and also my computer went on hibernation for while… Yes, yes, lots of excuses, and yeah, it sucked, but hey, I’m here now! Yay!

So since I finally found time to post something after a long hiatus, I’m gonna start with something small:

A ladybug.

Hey, I did say small.

1T2A9241 1T2A9243 1T2A9264 1T2A9278


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