Giant Rubber Ducky at night

I dragged a hapless, sick Pedro late Saturday night to see the Giant Rubber Ducky one last time before it left LA the following morning. It was a tedious drive and we ended up lost in some kind of spooky, industrial shipping area where we, surprisingly enough, ran into a wedding of all places. Had we not been able to find the duck that night, we probably would’ve crashed the wedding as photographers, but thankfully, the patrons were kind enough to point us to the right direction.

So after an hour of being lost and then getting stuck behind a railroad crossing, waiting for the slowest train in the world (so freaking slow, it actually went on a complete stop midway through), we finally found the ducky, still situated by the shore and still lit up.

Then I proceeded to go photo-crazy and kept the sick Pedro there til one in the morning.

Sowy, Pedro…










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