Save the Nubbin!


If you ever kept up with my blog, then you know I have two best friends (aside from the sisters and the brother), Mei and Linh (the lawyer and the flight attendant). They’re both dog people whereas I am cat person. Still, that never stopped me from loving their pooches (both besties are unfortunately allergic to cats).

Now Linh has a very gorgeous Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Nubbin. Tubby and adorable, and a complete diva. Enjoys bumping my legs out of the way when running or (her favorite) stepping on my foot with her sharp toenails. Also loves being chased around. The moment I usually give up and stop chasing, she will walk up to me in a matter-of-factly manner and bark a command that I continue.


Yep, complete diva. Complete opposite from her mom, Linh.

Linh’s had it rough, but she’s one tough cookie. It was only a few years ago that her family hit a really rough patch that she alone managed to pull everyone through. She did it all by herself and I’m absolutely proud of her.

Unfortunately, her little diva, Nubbin, got really sick two days ago. While I couldn’t even be there for Linh when things were bad, Nubbin was her constant companion and her source of comfort. Things took a turn for the worst yesterday when the vet said she had only 30% chance of surviving. By then, I was driving two to three hours away to see her. We visited her last night and this morning and while she looked improved, according to the vet, she is still in critical condition.


At first we were worrying about costs, but now we are just hoping and praying that Nubbin will make it. All this happened so unexpectedly that we are all extremely unprepared if the worse happens.


So please, if you can, Linh and Nubbin needs your help. Your support, whether in donations or simple well wishes and prayers, will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for all your help, Mei!


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