Buckingham Palace Fountain

Made it to Chicago on 4th of July weekend!

And I apparently have a tendency to visit at the worst time. Because this year, I went on that one deadly, 4th of July weekend . Whereas last year, I went during the deadliest weekend of 2013.

But just like last year (considering I did stay away from the south side), I still had a fabulous time playing tourist. Thanks to Mr. Lee.

Now to start off, the first place we visited was the Buckingham Fountain…

Seriously, I had absolutely no knowledge or any idea about this fountain. He said it was just a tiny fountain. And he kept calling it Buckingham Palace.

Until we got there…


Turns out to be the “ Married with Children ” fountain. At least, that’s how I know it as.



We returned the following night so I could take night shots of it. So purty, so purty.




Bit of trivia: this fountain was inspired by the Latona Fountain from the Palace of Versailles. And me trying so hard to be a fancy-schmancy photographer, didn’t quite get a complete shot of that fountain . Too many people gawking around.


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