It was nearly a year ago…

… when I left the office after another busy Friday at work to drive all the way to LAX and fly off to the other side of the country for a cousin’s wedding. I landed early the next day, Saturday, at Logan’s with just enough time to run about.

It was such a whimsical city, so full of subtle curiosities. I was pretty fatigued from the flight and from work the previous day, but I, at least, got a few shots here and there. People were gracious and friendly, perhaps because judging from the giant lump of camera equipment, they knew they were dealing with a tourist. A tired one at that.


We passed by Boylston Street several times, but never the actual site. It was a long street, after all. No glaring reminder of what recently happened, but once in a while, a “Boston Strong” sign would surface here and there.

My cousin got married later that day. It was such a happy occasion, a huge contrast from what happened just the previous month.

She was there. She happened to be there by chance . I’ll let her take it from here.







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