Real tough men in tutus, Rainbow Brite and the Village People getups

Last time, it was the Zombie Run. This time, it was the Tough Mudder Run. I didn’t get a chance to take as much pictures of random strangers as I did at the Zombie Run as I was busy shooting my friends (with a camera, not gun), but that’s ok. Not too many people in crazy costumes, anyways.

The few shots I did get were pretty priceless, though. There’s nothing like taking pictures of guys running about, doing toughie stuff.

Yep, lots of tough, manly stuff…


See how they ran and waddled about in mud baths…




And soared like eagles…


And posed like these sexy beeches…


And then wept in mud…


Yep. Tough Mudder Run. Lots of fun-fun. Til next year!


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