LA Finally

I’ve shot and posted pictures of so many other cities before, but never of LA. Maybe it’s because I’ve always taken it for granted (it is, after all, just around the corner from where I live) or maybe because parking there is such a biyatch and so are those hideous one way streets. Either way, I finally got the shots. Couldn’t have done it without this one particular Roo Smith, Nikon shooter extraordinaire.

The first stop was Mulholland Drive, rumored to be one of the best spots to take pictures in LA.


There was no view of downtown.


So we drove off to Griffith Observatory where there was a guaranteed view of downtown.

Too bad it was closed by the time we got there… Bah.

But we did return a couple of weeks later (yay). It was just our luck that it rained the previous night which meant clearer, cleaner skies with no smog or haze.


Then we drove right into Downtown LA and got these shots.



Of course, we then decided we just HAD to have that one shot of downtown from that one whatchamacallit bridge, so we searched far and wide until we finally came across this one bridge.

Ok, I’ve taken shots of major areas in the middle of the road before. Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Buckingham Palace in London. In both cases, the streets were pretty busy with traffic, but not once did I feel unsafe. My friends were with me in Paris. I was completely alone when I took that shot in London, but I doubt anyone would mug me in front of the Queen’s not-so-humble-little casa. In this one shot, there was hardly any traffic on both sides, but dayum, this had to be one of the riskiest spots ever. Why? Because it was past midnight and across that bridge was Skid Row. It was slightly safer on our side, but still a little sketchy. But hey, I got my shot.


I will probably have to come back on a sunset. It’s supposed to be prettier then. Will probably also have to hop under the bridge. Wish me luck.



  1. Hi! my name is Kuba, I’m from Poland, I make some kind of collages, I would like to use one of Your picture (the last one from this page), is it possible?

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