Back to London

I realized it’s been a while and I have, like, still a ton of pictures from London to go through. Under normal circumstances, I would have just given it up and started posting the newer onesI’ve taken (like Chicago, bit of Boston, helluva lot more flowers, etc.), but alas, I have way too many pictures that I really, REALLY like. So no, I am not giving up on them. Bear with me. Or I should say, deal with it.

So anyways, this is the part where my cousin and I stopped by St. Peter’s square… No wait… St. Paul cathedral. It’s a very gorgeous structure. I like it way better than Westminster Abbey. As usual, I wasn’t allowed to take pics inside, but I took a lot from the outside on top of the dome. I regretted climbing up to that dome while climbing up the dome, but later retracted after I reached the top. And then I later regretted climbing even further up the dome while climbing even further up, but you get the point. Had the best view of London, ever.








Then these two are just random pics I took after our short trip to the outskirt area known as the Stonehenge. That’s for later. Cheers




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