Yah, I know it’s been a while. Nearly five months now? It’s not because of lack of pictures nor is it because I’ve been too lazy. On the contrary, I actually have way, WAAAY too much of it and it’s still adding up. As it is, I’ve been exploring other venues to showcase my pictures and yes, I am blaming that.

No, I will not stop posting here.

Anyways, back to London.

So my cousin and I stopped by Kensington Palace. Funny story actually. We got lost (of course we did). We came by this one gorgeous street full of mansions which I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of and which turned out to be embassies. Then we passed by this one, large, modern looking country home. Except it wasn’t a country home. It was Kensington Palace, former home of Queen Victoria and Princess Diana, current home of several aristocrats and future home of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.

So how can I describe it? Well for starters, it was strange. Pretty, thoughtful and strange. Think opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. That strange. It was a historical site loaded with modern and artistic styles. It was like the Sistine Chapel redecorated by Andy Warhol. Yes, I get it. I get what they were trying to portray. The gossips amongst the servants of William and Mary. The loving relationship between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The strange death of Prince William. I get it. But presentation-wise was just so, well, strange.

But the outside was at least pretty.

IMG_3398 copy

IMG_3401 copy

IMG_3402 copy

IMG_3407 copy

IMG_3421 copy

IMG_3474 copy

IMG_3489 copy

IMG_3561 copy

IMG_3574 copy

IMG_3600 copy

IMG_3617 copy


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