The Pedro

photo (2)

I met him in one of my states of panic. I was trying to get one of my photographs framed for an art show and I only had a few hours to do it. He happened to be working at that particular frame store and alas, he couldn’t frame it in time. That was the beginning of a very stressful few hours but also a lovely kinship with a fellow photographer.

“Oh, I see you take pictures. So do I!”

“Really? You have a camera?”

“Of course! A big camera!”

“Wow! We have so much in common!

“Like this was meant to be!”

“I know! Can you frame this for me?”


Ok, didn’t quite go like that, but that’s a gist of it. As I said, I was in a state of panic and had to rush out of there, but not before we exchanged contact info.

He’s an interesting character.The first time I met him, I thought he was pretty cool, a laid-back type of guy with lots to talk to about, enough that I wanted to keep him in my sad, shrunken, finicky circle. Oh, but little did I know.

Because here’s a guy who spent his teens in constant rebellion and fights, dated Russian models (don’t ever date models, he says), plays the guitar, played in bands, worked as a set photographer for films, met the likes of Johnny Depp, Aaron Eckhart, Penelope Cruz and Geoffrey Rush, drove back and forth from Hollywood to South Orange County for his job and had now just recently broken up with another model (so much for that). Last week, he cancelled out on coffee to do another photoshoot. Tonight when I dropped by, he was in the middle of an “art” project for the American Horror Story (if you ever see an episode with a guy wearing a bull’s head mask, let me know).

He has also battled cancer and survived.

And he’s only 22 (or 23. Don’t kill me).

But none of that ever seemed to matter. In spite of all the drama, the excitement, the rush, he only spoke of them in passing, as if they were just little smidgens of his past. And that, I must say, was quite refreshing. It was nice to know someone who has so much under his belt, yet humble enough to drive for some coffee, listen to you moan about your own drama and then make fun of your accent (jacka**).

By midnight, Pedro will be gone.

As much as I would like to keep him around, he got his life mapped out before him. Now that his cancer is gone, he’s going back to school and I wish him nothing but the best. I will forever keep him in my ever shrinking circle as I know he will keep me in his ever expanding one.

And as a token of farewell, here is video he directed and shot for a small time band, Omnis.

It’s been real, Pedro.


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