New Year’s Eve at San Francisco City Hall

While the Mei went off to work, I wandered off a block away to the San Francisco City Hall where majority of the city’s homeless and their healthy-looking dogs congregate. Luckily for me, my faded, plaid coat and puffy hair made me blend in a little. My giant, bubblegum pink camera bag, however, may have given me away.

Homeless aside, the place itself was gorgeous. Add to the fact that it was New Year’s eve and Christmas decorations were still up, it was quite overwhelming. It’s one of the things I hate about photographing landmarks and holidays (in this case, the two combined). So many things to take pictures of, so overwhelming. Of course, you just had to add weddings to the mix. Not just any weddings, but weddings of lonesome couples taking their wedding pics with their cellphone cameras. Gah. So yeah… Also ended up taking wedding pictures of a couple. Had a blast.

IMG_9963 copy

IMG_9938 copy

This was another one of my “waiting for them tourists to get out of the scene before I take the picture” shots.

IMG_9842 copy

I should also mention, this was one of the coolest Christmas trees I’ve ever seen so far. From faraway it looked like it was covered in fake frost.


But up close, I found out it was all origami cranes.


Lots and lots of cranes.

IMG_9749 copy

And then some other origami stars.

IMG_9775 copy

So pretty. I likes.

IMG_9783 copy


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