Zombies and the crazies who purposely ran into them

Welcome to the Run for you lives zombie 5K run, where I’d say about 75% of the zombies were Asians. If you were ever wonder what a zombie apocalypse would look like at Garden Grove or Fountain Valley, this was the place to be.

Then there were the crazies who thought it would be a grand idea to run into them. Like this Officer Rick from Walking Dead for example. There were a whole buncha of them btw.

There were whole buncha Mario Brothers too.

And psychopath brides.

And muddy superheroes.

And tough military men like this Team Officers-Fresh-Outta-the-Lake.

But not too many Team Nacho Libres.

Or Team Go Go Power Reno 911.

Then there was Team Them Sexy Beeches.

And Team Lone Mullet over here.

And Team Twinsies.

And lastly, Team Additional Zombies as if there weren’t enough.

That’s all.


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