Emptying my worry box

Every year has its sad moments. This year was no different. It wasn’t any worse, but it wasn’t any better either. Unfortunately, this year the weight just got a little too heavy for me to carry and I often found myself, well, tired. Last year resulted in Bell’s palsy. This year it was different. It all started in late July…

But of course, this isn’t about that.

I’m pretty sure practically everyone had no idea what was going on and yet there are a few who have shown kindness and compassion in spite of it. I didn’t have to tell them anything. They didn’t have to know. They are who they are and for that, I thank them. They’ve made my load little lighter and life a little more bearable.

So to those folks (my sisters, my best friends and a few other good friends out there), whether you’ve shown kindness, trust, humor, any form of recognition that I am a human being worthy of any of those three combinations, you guys had no idea. Thank you. I’m all better now.

Since I’ve pretty much completed my traveling for the year, I figured it’s time I created a new theme.
New theme will be portraits. That will be coming up as soon as I finish posting a few more traveling pics.
In the meantime, here’s a preview of me experimenting with my flash.


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