Notre Dame

Let me tell ya. After going through a buncha cathedrals and basilicas in Italy and then discovering Notre Dame, I came to the following conclusion: I love Gothic churches.

I admit, I wasn’t as overly impressed with the exterior of Notre Dame as most people were, but the interior was what got me. It was not as gaudy as the Baroque styles of Italy, but it was just as intricate. Even puzzling. As cliché as it sounds, there was something dark about it, not in a sinister manner, but more in a secretive and melancholy way. It strangely made me feel at home.

Not that I would move in there or anything. Quasimodo already called dibs.



    1. Thanks! Glad you think so although some are slightly blurry.

      To get these shots, I simply look up and point my camera a little higher away from people or I find a location where there are absolutely no folks wandering around. Take the main altar for example. I had to fist fight my way through the crowd to get the best view.

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