The underground river aptly named the Underground River

Welcome to the Underground River of Snake Island, Honda Bay, Palawan, Philippines.

While the monkeys and the lizards frolicked outside, we ventured forth on a boat through this pretty spiffy cave.

In this cave, they named various rock formations after religious figures and entities such as the Lady of Guadalupe, the Last Supper, and in the picture below, the Nativity. Philippines, after all, is predominantly Catholic.

But of course, they also gave other rock formations names such as “boobs,” “butt,” “man part #1”, “man part #2,” “man part #3” and so on and so forth. That’s Philippines for ya.

Gotta tell ya, this had to be one of my most challenging shots in the whole trip. Not only did I had to carry my fat camera bag throughout the entire tour in a narrow boat, I also had to protect El Maestro from water dripping from the ceiling. Plus it was pitch black and I had to rely on my giant flash (which I really hate using with a passion) to get these images. But hey, it was fun anyways.


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