The city that I have no idea why it never sleeps because God knows I need all the sleep I can get

Since this is a year of traveling for me, I figured it’s about time I post some of my travel shots.

Funny story actually. Linh, Mei and I meant to go from L.A. to east coast to Rome, but instead ended up wandering around JFK until we finally decided to call it a day and drive off to the city for the night. It was after midnight then, a little reminder of how it was when I first came to the city more than a decade ago. My very first experience involved getting lost in Brooklyn at 2 or 3 in the morning. My mom was too cheap to get a yellow cab back then so instead picked a random cab with a driver who could barely speak a lick of English. Note: “derecho” in Spanish means left; “derecho” in Tagalog means straight. So you know how that went with my mom trying to give the guy directions. I was 14 then, probably thinking, “oh God, oh God, I’m gonna die.”

But again that was more than a decade ago. This time around, my trip involved Time Square, very late night dinner, wandering around a dark alley full of women of questionable occupation in the middle of the night, oversleeping, humidity, extremely long lines to the Empire State building and an angry street vendor in a Superman getup. The usual New York City experience. Fun, fun, fun.

And then it was off to Rome… But we ended up in Pisa.


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