Making lemonades or why everyday should have been talk (and dress) like a pirate day

It wasn’t too long ago that I was diagnosed Bell’s Palsy. If you’ve no idea what that is, it’s basically what happens when the nerves on half of your face decide to go on strike and refuse to work for you.

So yeah, I was left with a half-paralyzed face. Felt kinda like getting botox on all the wrong sections on one side of your face.

Though it wasn’t anything life-threatening, it was quite annoying. Had to tape my left eye shut before I went to bed, got nauseated when my eyeballs weren’t moving at the same time and not to mention spitting all over the place when gargling, eating soup or drinking through a straw. Plus my face really looked stupid to boot. Other than that, it wasn’t so bad. I mean I did get to wear a really cool eyepatch. An eyepatch! Only downside to that was constanly running into things with the left side of my body.

Of course, this couldn’t have happen at a worse time. I was in the middle of moving during the most stressful time at work. But while stress may have caused it, maybe it was also stress that brought my nerves back to life. Kept making angry faces. That must have triggered it back.

Anyways, welcome back left side of my face.



  1. Glad the nerves on the left side of your face have come back to work! Question for you though: Is that the same goomba that’s sitting on my couch in the living room? Because if so, your foot was on it. (This is Jonathan, btw… Christina’s brother).

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