Bird watching -FAIL

Few days ago, I bought this really cute humming bird feeder.

Today, after few minutes of online traffic school, I thought, hey, you know those really cool humming birds shots I often saw online? Wouldn’t it be grand if i could take one?

So I whipped out my camera and camped out in front of our balcony hopes of catching one.

Our really spiffy humming bird feeder.

Nothing yet.

And oh, I caught one!

And the resulting shot’s really bad!

Maybe if I increase increase the f-stop, it’ll improve the depth of field and focus better on the backgroud and therefore bird?

Nopes. That required me to decrease shutter speed and look how that little sucker turned out.

Maybe increase the shutter speed so it could really capture it and be less blurry since that SOB moves so fast?

Nopes. 1/125 at f-stop 4.0 is the fastest I can go and the largest aperture I can use without compromising the amount of light.

So it just flittered and flew around…

…enjoying its meal while I tried to figure this out…

And eventually flew away (probably thought “there’s a crazy stalker in there”).

I must say, that humming bird feeder is at least cute, no?

Ah wells. Back to traffic school.

Note to self: hang humming bird feeder at a brighter location where I can happily increase or decrease speed or f-stop without worrying about the lighting. Hmph.


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