Here’s to one of my favorite cities

Ten years since and I’m still in denial. Whenever this date came around, I always found myself closing my eyes, turning away and covering my ears going “lalalalala.” It never happened. The towers are still there. But since this is the tenth year, the tributes and memorials are even more prevalent. Even harder to turn away.

Kinda like how it is with my grandpa. Grew up with him around. Always visited my grandparents and spent most summers at their place as a kid. After we moved to the US, he was still there. Just didn’t get to see him as often as before. When he didn’t survive from an accident, didn’t matter. To me, he was still there. Still hadn’t hit me. Even today.

When my mom lived in Brooklyn, she had a choice: view of the Empire State or view of the Twin Towers. Very naturally, she picked the Twin Towers. So when I visited her for two summers, it was the first two things that greeted me when I woke up and the last to bid me goodnight. It was also the last two things I saw flying out of JFK.

Like my grandpa, just got used to believing it’s still there even though I’m not around. But it’s not… and that sucks.

No pictures today.


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